New V-Moda Vibe and Vibe Duo Jacks Mean Fewer Dead Headphones (Hopefully)

If you check out the ratings for V-Moda's Vibe »9/11/08 7:00pm9/11/08 7:00pm or at or , they're kinda crappy, bogged down a tons of complaints that they die fast. After an "unacceptable" rate of returns, V-Moda is acknowledging that the jack is behind the genocide and quietly launching a redesigned, reinforced one that'll hit shelves next week.…

V-Moda Vibe Duo iPhone Headset Gets a Call Button

V-Moda's Vibe Duos have been out since July, but even though they had an iPhone-friendly 3.5mm jack and an inline microphone, buyers complained about the lack of a "clicker," a button to take calls without touching the iPhone. Well, whine and ye shall receive: the new V-Moda Vibe Duo has it, and at no extra cost—they… »10/02/07 10:51am10/02/07 10:51am

Hands-On Vmoda's Vibe Duo Headphones for iPhone (Verdict: Punchy, No Remote)

What made these $100 headphones irresistible Apple store iPhone retail bait? If it was a sin to use white earbuds with a nano, it surely was a sin to use it with a $600 phonepod. They're also the only headphones to launch with the iPhone that explicitly work with the recessed headphone jack. They sound great, but… »8/02/07 8:52pm8/02/07 8:52pm