V-Moda Vibe Duo iPhone Headset Gets a Call Button

V-Moda's Vibe Duos have been out since July, but even though they had an iPhone-friendly 3.5mm jack and an inline microphone, buyers complained about the lack of a "clicker," a button to take calls without touching the iPhone. Well, whine and ye shall receive: the new V-Moda Vibe Duo has it, and at no extra cost—they… » 10/02/07 10:51am 10/02/07 10:51am

Hands-On Vmoda's Vibe Duo Headphones for iPhone (Verdict: Punchy, No…

What made these $100 headphones irresistible Apple store iPhone retail bait? If it was a sin to use white earbuds with a nano, it surely was a sin to use it with a $600 phonepod. They're also the only headphones to launch with the iPhone that explicitly work with the recessed headphone jack. They sound great, but… » 8/02/07 8:52pm 8/02/07 8:52pm

V-MODA Vibe Duo Headphones/Headset Come iPhone Ready

Since the iPhone's headphones jack is leaving us all with precious few options, it's not surprising to see headphones made specifically with the iPhone in mind. The V-MODA's Vibe Duo headphones deliver the same quality sound V-MODA earbuds are known for, and act as a headset to boot. That means you don't need to whip… » 7/03/07 7:47pm 7/03/07 7:47pm