The Scientific Case Against Vibram's FiveFinger Running Shoe

Last week's class-action settlement by Vibram, an Italian footwear manufacturer known for making silly-looking lightweight running shoes, recalls the recent case against Sketchers, a company that agreed to pay out $40 million after falsely claiming that walking in its product would give you Kim Kardashian's bootie.… »5/15/14 2:18pm5/15/14 2:18pm


These Hush Puppies Vibram Wingtip Shoes Are So Dumb They Should Be Burned

Fact: No one has ever looked at a pair of Wingtips and thought they should be more like hideous looking Vibram FiveFingers. Fact: No one has ever wanted to wear Vibrams as dress shoes and wasn't crazy. Fact: Anything horrible should always be burned from this Earth for maximum visual and soul-fueling pleasure. »6/20/12 7:20pm6/20/12 7:20pm