Microsoft Proposes Phones That Tap and Rub to Get Your Attention

Microsoft Research is set to present a paper this week outlining an entirely new set of notification tools for cell phones, including communicative tapping and rubbing mechanisms, complementing the blunt, simple, and often not-so-silent 'vibrate' function with a set of truly quiet 'rub' and 'tap' notifiers. They argue… » 10/21/08 6:00am 10/21/08 6:00am

Sony Ericsson Pretties-Up Its Bluetooth Watches, MBW-200's for the…

Sony's Bluetooth wristwatches » 9/24/08 5:43am 9/24/08 5:43am may do a neat job of buzzing to alert you that your phone's ringing, but until now they've been kinda gruff. The upcoming MBW-200 versions are different, aimed squarely at the gadgety woman. Dubbed "Sparkling Allure," "Contemporary Elegance" and "Evening Classic," they auto-pair via…

Question of the Day: Do You Use Your Cellphone Vibrate Function?

The problem with my iPhone is that I can barely hear the ringtone when I receive a call. Maybe I'm going deaf, but I have vibrate set at all times as a backup just in case. It helps me catch any crucial calls when the ringtone may be drowned out by ambient noise—plus I like the way it feels in my pants. But what about… » 9/08/08 5:00pm 9/08/08 5:00pm

Drive Alarm, In Your Ear, Keeping You Awake

This unusual-looking gadget is worn behind the ear, and wakes you up if you start to catch some Z's on the highway. It constantly measures the angle your head is resting at, and vibrates if you tip forward. Of course, if you fall asleep and lean back into your headrest, then it will happily let you careen off the road… » 8/15/07 2:47am 8/15/07 2:47am