Microsoft Proposes Phones That Tap and Rub to Get Your Attention

Microsoft Research is set to present a paper this week outlining an entirely new set of notification tools for cell phones, including communicative tapping and rubbing mechanisms, complementing the blunt, simple, and often not-so-silent 'vibrate' function with a set of truly quiet 'rub' and 'tap' notifiers. They argue… »10/21/08 6:00am10/21/08 6:00am

Sony Ericsson Pretties-Up Its Bluetooth Watches, MBW-200's for the Ladies

Sony's Bluetooth wristwatches »9/24/08 5:43am9/24/08 5:43am may do a neat job of buzzing to alert you that your phone's ringing, but until now they've been kinda gruff. The upcoming MBW-200 versions are different, aimed squarely at the gadgety woman. Dubbed "Sparkling Allure," "Contemporary Elegance" and "Evening Classic," they auto-pair via…

Question of the Day: Do You Use Your Cellphone Vibrate Function?

The problem with my iPhone is that I can barely hear the ringtone when I receive a call. Maybe I'm going deaf, but I have vibrate set at all times as a backup just in case. It helps me catch any crucial calls when the ringtone may be drowned out by ambient noise—plus I like the way it feels in my pants. But what about… »9/08/08 5:00pm9/08/08 5:00pm