How are these water drops just floating on the surface of the water?

Water isn't supposed to float on top of water because well, water is water. So how are these droplets of water suspended on the surface of the water? Sound. The water is actually on top of a speaker and the acoustic vibrations allows the water drops to stay as drops on top of water. » 9/24/14 10:33pm 9/24/14 10:33pm

Microsoft Proposes Phones That Tap and Rub to Get Your Attention

Microsoft Research is set to present a paper this week outlining an entirely new set of notification tools for cell phones, including communicative tapping and rubbing mechanisms, complementing the blunt, simple, and often not-so-silent 'vibrate' function with a set of truly quiet 'rub' and 'tap' notifiers. They argue… » 10/21/08 6:00am 10/21/08 6:00am

Stethoscope Replacement Can Image Your Lungs in Seconds

Instead of having a doctor put one cold-ass stethoscope onto your back, Deep Breeze's Vibration Response Imaging system puts 42 cold-ass stethoscopes onto your back. By using acoustic vibrations, the machine—hooked up to a computer—can produce an image of your lungs in mere seconds. And if you calibrate it juuuust… » 8/08/07 1:50pm 8/08/07 1:50pm

Sonic Boom Loud Alarm Clock Wakes Hibernators

The Sonic Boom Extra Loud Alarm Clock can wake even the heaviest sleepers. It is pretty simple: an extremely loud beeping alarm clock and a small device that attached to the underside of your bed and will vibrate you awake, also. It does allow for some volume control on the alarm, but nevertheless, this thing is loud.… » 2/05/07 2:21pm 2/05/07 2:21pm