This Smart Wearable Vibrator Will Get Women Off Intelligently

Vibrators are typically strong, powerful, dumb pipes. Which is mostly fine! But sometimes you'd like something more... nuanced. Vibease, which is supposedly the world's first wearable "smart" vibrator, claims to have the sort of sexy thoughtfulness that can get any woman off. It's basically a read along vibrator for… » 7/31/13 1:00am 7/31/13 1:00am

Vibrating Bike Seat Makes For Sexy, Highly Dangerous Commute

Holier-than-thou bicycle enthusiasts have been touting the benefits of their cleaner, healthier method of transportation for ages. But thanks to the UK's leading website for lascivious adult pleasures, the act of bicycle riding is about to get a whole lot less—well, holy. That's right, SexShop365 is proud to present… » 7/24/13 11:40am 7/24/13 11:40am

This Slingshot Cannon Shoots Vibrators Like the Little Golden Bullets…

They look like golden bullets, sure, but I don't care what kind of sexual deviant you are; you probably shouldn't be on the recieving end of a gun that fires vibraters. Nonetheless, Joerg Sprave has built one—caving to watcher's demands—and dubbed it the "Launcher of Love," which is suggestive in its own right. » 10/06/12 8:00pm 10/06/12 8:00pm

Russian Bomb Squad Successfully Defuses Sex Toy

A post office in Russia was evacuated on Monday after an alert Russian postal worker called authorities over a package making a "strange ticking sound." After securing the building, the bomb squad discovered the source of the noise: A vibrator. (The device had apparently been turned on accidentally) The AFP reports… » 3/15/11 10:00am 3/15/11 10:00am