Designers Turn an Abandoned Victoria's Secret Into a Temporary Workshop

This spring, when City Council voted to demolish the mall at South Street Seaport, they announced that current tenants would be allowed to stay until the summer's end. But many anchor stores chose to move out earlier—and two designers from Brooklyn were determined to take advantage of the abandoned store space. »9/02/13 2:30pm9/02/13 2:30pm


Who Are the Inept Klutzes that Photoshop Victoria's Secret Catalogs?

Hokay. So—let's assume that fashion companies must photoshop their ads in the name of perfect aesthetics and traumatizing women everywhere. Fine, do what you have to, fashion companies! But why don't you hire people who actually know what the hell they are doing instead of using the incompetent morons you currently… »9/24/12 3:42pm9/24/12 3:42pm

Victoria's Secret Hocks $6.5 Million Bra, Babe Not Included

Because of our No Bra Left Behind policy here at the Giz, we're compelled to show you this year's fantasy getup from Victoria's Secret, this time tipping the bank account south by $6.5 million. The Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra has a total of 800 carats—more than 2000 round diamonds—spread out across both breasts… »10/16/06 10:39am10/16/06 10:39am