These Are the Tricks Political Campaign Ads Use to Brainwash Us

Vote for whoever the hell you want to vote for. But don’t make your decision after watching an emotionally prying, stupid-person-targeting, specifically edited campaign ad. Now You See It explains how all political ads, no matter which side they’re on, use the same methods to trick voters into believing the worst in…

Snapchat Vikings Fan Has One Thing Go Right In His Life 

If you use Snapchat—probably not, because you read Deadspin and are statistically most likely to be an irritable dad with a law degree—you were probably captivated by the romance of the week. Two University of Wisconsin students, “Mystery Girl” and “Vikings Fan,” noticed each other on the school’s Snapchat Story (a…


Adam Savage's DIY Puppy Car Seat Can Be Secured in Place and Protects Your Upholstery

Adam Savage, of Mythbusters fame and now at Tested, needed a car seat for his dogs that could go right in the back of his brand new car—one that would protect the leather interior, but still be thick and sturdy enough not to move around when they get boisterous. He made this, and it works like a charm.