Prisons Are Getting Fewer In-Person Visitors Because of Skype-Like…

How close does a video call come to replicating actual human contact? What if that call is the only contact you have with the outside world while in prison—does that change the calculus at all? Apparently so, for inmates in the District of Columbia Department of Corrections. » 8/07/12 11:40am 8/07/12 11:40am

Skype Is Now Officially a Division of Microsoft

The boards have sent their approval, the money has exchanged hands and the regulatory hurdles have been overcome. Now it's time for Skype to officially become part of Microsoft. » 10/14/11 1:47am 10/14/11 1:47am

Skype For iPad Begins Its Global Rollout (Updated)

As spotted by TUAW, Skype for iPad has landed in the New Zealand App Store. This kicks off the global launch of the video calling app so look for it in your local App Store August 2nd. » 8/01/11 10:40pm 8/01/11 10:40pm

Qik's Android App Now Video-Calls iPhones

The latest update to Qik's Android app has brought along cross-platform video-calling. That means Android 2.1+ users can bug iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2 users, and vice versa. The app also lets you share videos on your social sites, and send video mail—which is offered free until the 1st of June, and will cost… » 4/27/11 4:15am 4/27/11 4:15am

Qik's $3 iPhone App Does Video Calling, Editing and Sharing

Skype owns Qik now, but that hasn't stopped them from coming out with an iOS app to rival Skype's own. I guess if the family takes on FaceTime together, all the better for Skype. Anyway, Qik's Video Connect Plus app lets you video-chat over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, plus record video mail. » 3/15/11 12:56pm 3/15/11 12:56pm

Skype Video Chat Coming to Facebook?

You can already voice-chat with your Facebook pals using Skype, so isn't it fair that you get to see their lovely faces too? A snippet of Skype code discovered in Facebook last year suggested it was on the way, but we're as yet to see anything materialize. According to Bloomberg, the two companies are back in talks… » 3/07/11 7:40am 3/07/11 7:40am

Rumor: Microsoft Eyeing Up FaceTime Competitor For Windows Phone 7…

It's only fair that Microsoft wants users of their phones to be able to video-call too, which is why talk of a WP7 app from Microsoft has reached dull-roar status. Blabbermouth employees and a leaked pic suggest it's coming. Updated. » 1/11/11 5:20am 1/11/11 5:20am

By 2015, Cellphones Will Do 3D Holographic Video Calls (Says IBM Survey)

Around this time every year, IBM surveys 3,000 researchers to find out what they think is going to be big in the future. This year, everyone's caught the FaceTime bug, and is looking forward to 3D hologram video calls. » 12/23/10 3:40am 12/23/10 3:40am

What Facebook and Skype Integration Would Mean For You

Facebook and Skype integration! That's the rumor. But beyond the intermingling of two major tech companies, the important question is: how's this going to affect you? » 9/29/10 6:20pm 9/29/10 6:20pm

Cisco's Telepresence Video Chat is Expected for Homes Next Week

We've been hearing for a while that Cisco was wanting to get down with Joe Blow on the street, so it's not at all surprising to hear that next week they're rumored to unveil a "cheap" home-telepresence product. » 9/29/10 6:24am 9/29/10 6:24am

Rumor: Facebook Coming to Skype Soon, for Video-Chatting Facebook Mates

How often do you use Facebook Chat, the buggy IM service? If the answer is "hardly ever," then do you think you'd be keen on video-chatting, calling or SMSing with them through Skype instead? » 9/29/10 5:20am 9/29/10 5:20am

Skype 5.0 Windows Beta Has 10-Way Video Calling!

Skype's latest Windows-only 5.0 beta 2 doubles their five-way video calling to ten. TEN. How does ten-way video calling look? Like this. If you add two. We could only get eight, and four of them was me. » 9/02/10 4:49pm 9/02/10 4:49pm

Fring Updates Android App To Improve Audio Quality In Video Calls

Fring just updated their Android app to address the audio issues we saw (or I guess, heard) in our testing. Thankfully, the update will fix the sometimes bothersome echoing issue and also offer significant audio improvements. Which is good! Also, the Samsung Galaxy S gains support in the update, so there's now more… » 7/21/10 12:04pm 7/21/10 12:04pm

This Is Why I Hate Video Chats

This happens to me every single time I video chat with someone. And then once the chat disconnects, I keep wondering if I had a stupid look on my face in the final frame. [Doghouse Diaries] » 6/25/10 10:40pm 6/25/10 10:40pm

Test Notes: FaceTime

Videocalling has been a sci-fi staple for decades. From 2001 to Back to the Future people chatting face-to-face from great distances was a way of saying "Hey, look, it's the future!" So does Facetime mean we're in the future? » 6/24/10 4:26pm 6/24/10 4:26pm

Idiot NY State Assemblyman Wants iPhone 4 Videocalling Banned from Roads

On the surface, NY State assemblyman Felix Ortiz's push to ban iPhone videocalling from roads makes sense. It would be horribly unsafe! But then you realize that it would be impossible, and you shake your head. » 6/15/10 6:40pm 6/15/10 6:40pm

The 132-Year History of Videophones

Relive the 132 year history of videophones, one that's littered with wild concepts, a few success stories and a ton of failures. AT&T, for example, has been working on videophones since 1927 and hasn't got it right quite yet. [Technologizer] » 6/15/10 1:20am 6/15/10 1:20am

David Foster Wallace on Video Calling

Video calling may be a relatively new thing, but as Kottke points out, David Foster Wallace explored it in his epic novel Infinite Jest back in 1996. Here's why it failed in that book's world: » 6/08/10 4:20pm 6/08/10 4:20pm

Question of the Day: Will You Ever Use Two-Way Video Calling?

Two-way video calling is now possible on Android, and the chances are damned good that they're coming to the iPhone next month. But really, do you care? » 5/27/10 5:40pm 5/27/10 5:40pm

Fring For Android Is Two-Way Video Calling From the FUTURE

Oh man, oh man, oh man! You can download Fring for Android right now and make two-way video calls—ones demonstrated in all the promises of the future— RIGHT NOW. For Android. » 5/27/10 3:40pm 5/27/10 3:40pm