Skype Video Chat Coming to Facebook?

You can already voice-chat with your Facebook pals using Skype, so isn't it fair that you get to see their lovely faces too? A snippet of Skype code discovered in Facebook last year suggested it was on the way, but we're as yet to see anything materialize. According to Bloomberg, the two companies are back in talks… » 3/07/11 7:40am 3/07/11 7:40am

Fring Updates Android App To Improve Audio Quality In Video Calls

Fring just updated their Android app to address the audio issues we saw (or I guess, heard) in our testing. Thankfully, the update will fix the sometimes bothersome echoing issue and also offer significant audio improvements. Which is good! Also, the Samsung Galaxy S gains support in the update, so there's now more… » 7/21/10 12:04pm 7/21/10 12:04pm