Canon C300 Review: For When Your Movie Deserves Better Than a DSLR

Since the Canon 5D Mark II emerged almost four years ago, many pro videographers on a budget have shot their material exclusively with DSLRs. They've loved every minute of it. But they've been waiting for the next big thing—a dedicated video camera with a large sensor, interchangeable lenses, and no compromises. The… »4/26/12 3:40pm4/26/12 3:40pm


CamcorderInfo Picks Canon HV20 As Best Camcorder of 2007

Those amateur pornographers over at CamcorderInfo really know what they're talking about when it comes to video recording, which is why their pics for Camcorder of the year have a good deal of weight behind it. This year they select the Canon HV20 as both the Camcorder of the Year and the best under $1000 (it's $900),… »10/30/07 6:40pm10/30/07 6:40pm

Single-Use Video Camera Concept Takes the Pain Out of Converting Video

Here's another video camera concept from the folks at Yanko Design. The Glide, which is the brainchild of Greg Schramek, is a USB drive with a lens and controls for shooting video. Once you've finished shooting your digital masterpiece, you trade the drive in at a grocery store kiosk where it's converted into a DVD… »4/12/07 10:22am4/12/07 10:22am

Disposable Video Cam Concept is Slimmer, Easier to Use Than the Real Thing

Tired of shooting with CVS' fugly disposable video camera? Then check this one out. It's a prototype for a new breed of disposable vid camera, one that would save you money by letting you keep the camera once you're done shooting. All you need to replace is the DVD. This would be a great option for newbies who just… »3/15/07 9:52pm3/15/07 9:52pm