Watch Prince's Saturday Night Live medley because it was fckng amazing

This song made with random YouTube music clips is simply amazing

I started watching the music video of Give It Up—the fourth track of Kutiman's first album Thru You Too—with skepticism. After all, how good can a song be if it's made from samples taken from random, unconnected YouTube music clips? Well, apparently, it can be amazingly good. Just watch and listen. » 9/15/14 5:48am 9/15/14 5:48am

Music-less Turn Down for What video is even creepier and more hilarious

Mario Wienerroither is back with another hilarious videoclip without music. This time Turn Down for What is transformed into a grotesque orgy of bodies twisting and turning with no apparent reason. Which makes it even creepier—yes that's possible—and funnier than the original. NSFW! » 7/30/14 10:29pm 7/30/14 10:29pm

Watch The Taser X3 Take Out Three Victims Without Reloading

The question of what to do when police have more than one perp to unnecessarily victimize has finally been answered with the new X3. » 7/27/09 7:00pm 7/27/09 7:00pm

Verizon Sending CBS Clips to Phones

Yesterday, we reported that European cell phones will be getting full video downloads of some of our favorite HBO shows. Today, we can tell you that Verizon Wireless has generously countered that announcement with plans to send clips from CBS shows like CSI, Survivor and Late Show with David Letterman to our mobiles.… » 12/08/05 10:08am 12/08/05 10:08am