PS3 News Service, Life With Playstation, Now Up For Download

Speaking of Sony, PS3 users can now try out its new Life With Playstation » 9/18/08 3:08am 9/18/08 3:08am service, which gives you instant access to real-time news and information in a format that's much more graphically intense than anything you'll get on . The program is works in conjunction with Folding@home, so you'll be helping Stanford…

Sony Not Planning PS3 Price Cut for Leipzig, Spokesperson Says

Those hoping for a PS3 price cut in the near future better not hold their breaths. A Sony spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the company had no plans right now to give you another deal on the machine, and anyone hoping for that kind of news at Leipzig will be sorely disappointed. Given that they slashed the price… » 8/16/08 3:00pm 8/16/08 3:00pm