7 Years of iPod: What You Paid and What You Got

With yesterday's refresh to Apple's iPod line, it was hard not to feel at least a little deja vu » 9/10/08 10:00am 9/10/08 10:00am. I've been following new iPod announcements—which often come more than once a year—since 2001, when the first iPod showed up in stores for an astronomical $399. In the iPod's seven years, a sort of price mean has emerged,…

Unconfirmed: The New iPod Nanos Look Like This?

A source tells us that the upcoming iPod Nano revisions will look like this. A fat iPod. We've seen what seems to be the final version of the iPods—which supposedly come in black, silver, maroon, light blue and light green—and not only are they fat, but the screen (which takes up nearly the entire top half) plays back… » 8/19/07 3:25pm 8/19/07 3:25pm

Philips DCP850 Plays DVDs, DiVX, and Your Video iPod

It takes a lot for me to notice a portable DVD player, but Philips' new DCP850 got my attention cause it does something others can't—it can dock and play movies from your video iPod. The folks at iLounge just gave the unit an examination and from the looks of it, the DCP850 means business. It's got an 8.5-inch… » 2/28/07 6:53pm 2/28/07 6:53pm

Brazilian Prostitutes on your iPod

M.Class, a Brazilian escort firm, allows you to download video "interviews" of their selection of saucy, freshly waxed, Brazilian harlots straight to your iPod. It's a safe way to meet girls in Rio de Janeiro without risking your kidney. Way to use that iPod your wife gave you for Christmas. Make sure you wrap more… » 1/25/07 12:23pm 1/25/07 12:23pm

Apple Rumor: 16GB Flash Based Video iPod

Wallstreet analyst, Daniel Amir, is claiming that Apple has a new flash based iPod in the works. This will not be "the" video iPod, but will at least be able to play video, a la the 5G. » 12/08/06 8:22pm 12/08/06 8:22pm

ICUITI Video Glasses

Video glasses have never grown past the novelty stage (with consumers at least). But since people will apparently buy anything that is an iPod accessory, manufacturers are trotting out these gadgets and marketing them as a way to watch (mobile) video. Enter the DV920 from ICUITI. The 640 x 480 pixel resolution glasses… » 1/17/06 8:41am 1/17/06 8:41am

Power User - The Best of Lifehacker

This week at Lifehacker: Get the most out of your video iPod. Buy the best quality recordable DVDs. Cube warriors, firewall your attention at the office. Fold up a pen and stick it in your wallet. Finally, remedy LCD screen burn-in. » 1/11/06 12:30pm 1/11/06 12:30pm

Apple Hitting Up HBO for iPod Content

It's no big surprise that Apple execs are in talks with HBO to deliver content, including our fave dickhead Larry David, to the Video iPod. There's no plan in place just yet, but some discussion was had at yesterday's press event at HBO for its exclusive, multiyear deal with Cingular. But remember, that's just for… » 12/16/05 5:37am 12/16/05 5:37am

Power User - The Best of Lifehacker

This week at Lifehacker: Drive Firefox with your keyboard. Carry around secure data backups on your iPod. Optimize your Mac's broadband connection. Learn all the right gym moves using exercise videos on your iPod.
» 11/30/05 12:30pm 11/30/05 12:30pm

Preloaded Video iPod

Don't feel like loading your own content on your Video iPod? Check out a company called TVMyPod, which will gladly sell you a brand new Video iPod with the DVD movies of your choice already preloaded. Not a bad deal if you don't have the movies, or the time to deal with ripping, converting and loading all that… » 11/22/05 12:45pm 11/22/05 12:45pm

TiVo Q&A

With TiVo's big announcement yesterday, announcing the simple downloading of programs to your Video iPod and PSP, you may have some questions. So here are some quick answers. First of all, you may have already heard of the TiVoToGo service, which currently lets you transfer programming to computers and laptops, as… » 11/22/05 10:30am 11/22/05 10:30am

Get Your iPod Downloads...From TiVo?

After news last week that the DVR maker is losing customers to other forms of DVRs (including satellite and cable makers), sneaky TiVo rebounded today with an announcement in the Wall Street Journal of plans to let users download any of the TV programs stored on their recorders to video iPods (as well as PSPs).… » 11/21/05 7:59am 11/21/05 7:59am