Netflix Doesn't Own the Qwikster Twitter Feed. This Foulmouthed Pothead…

Netflix wasn't the first to come up with the name Qwikster, which is what they are calling their new/old spinoff DVD company. That distinction goes to a Mr. Jason Castillo, a man with an affinity for bitches and weed. » 9/19/11 9:22am 9/19/11 9:22am

Sad Time Warner Cable CEO: We Aren't Selling Enough Porn

Although the experience of sitting on your couch for an HD porn viewing is unparalleled, most members of our species will go the quick and dirty laptop route instead. Time Warner Cable's CEO is peeved! They need that porno cash! » 7/29/11 1:40pm 7/29/11 1:40pm

How to Ditch Netflix and Still Watch (Almost) Everything You Want

You're outraged (OUTRAGED!) that Netflix's price hike has stolen your cheap movie rentals. In fact, you're going to delete your subscription. Forever. Now what? Here's how to replace Netflix in your life, from streaming to shiny plastic discs. » 7/15/11 5:20pm 7/15/11 5:20pm

Movie Theaters Begin Slapfight With Studios over New Flicks On-Demand

Remember that impossibly-bad sounding idea of renting a movie on-demand for $30? (But only if it's not too successful!) Well it's not bad enough to fly under the radar of theater owners, infuriated by the thought of lost profits. » 4/12/11 9:20am 4/12/11 9:20am

Buy a Movie on Amazon and Get a Online Copy Free With Disc+

Amazon is now offering a complimentary Video on Demand copy of over 10,000 of the DVDs and Blu-rays it—for free. You'll only have VoD access for 30 days, but that should last you until the disc arrives. [Amazon] » 11/02/10 9:59am 11/02/10 9:59am

Studios Offering 48 Hour Rentals On Amazon

Like our friend Dave Zats, you may have noticed that Amazon is offering an extra day of viewing for select online rentals. After a little digging, he discovered that the studios are the ones experimenting in this area. » 1/07/10 1:23pm 1/07/10 1:23pm

MPAA Still Trying to Plug Your Analog Hole with Selectable Output…

Still use component connections with your cable box? Listen up: the MPAA has again asked the FCC to let studios disable analog connections during certain on-demand movies. The FCC currently bans this, and here's why that's a good thing. » 11/05/09 11:00am 11/05/09 11:00am

How a Paid Hulu Would Work

AllThingsD's Peter Kafka is busy dousing concerns that recent statements by News Corp's Chase Carey—that "It's time to start getting paid for broadcast content online"—mean that Hulu is going to die, dead. He makes a good point: » 10/23/09 3:06pm 10/23/09 3:06pm

Which Do You Use More: Hulu Or Netflix On Demand?

The fact that NBC is pulling some of its major shows off Netflix in favor of Hulu has got me thinking—which of these online services to you use the most and why? » 9/08/09 5:00pm 9/08/09 5:00pm

Blerg! 30 Rock and Other Major Shows Leaving Netflix On Demand

I love Netflix On Demand precisely because it lets me watch 30 Rock episodes whenever I want. So I was horrified to notice, just now, that 30 Rock was going bye-bye on Oct. 1—along with other great shows. » 9/04/09 4:45pm 9/04/09 4:45pm

All-American Tech: What's Hot Here (and Nowhere Else)

People are always eager to point out cool technologies that America ignores, but what about the ones that we—and only we—use? Enough with the grousing: Here's what we've got that they don't. » 5/11/09 3:20pm 5/11/09 3:20pm

Amazon HD Video On Demand Offically on TiVo

We knew TiVo was beta testing Amazon HD VOD,so it's not a huge surprise it's actually official today. TV shows and Movies will be available in HD with most videos supporting 5.1 surround sound. » 4/21/09 4:30pm 4/21/09 4:30pm

Amazon Video On Demand Now on the Roku Digital Video Player

Amazon's movie and video content is finally available on the Roku for purchase and rental, signifying that Roku is coming through on their promise to add more content partners to the box. » 3/03/09 7:59am 3/03/09 7:59am

Vudu Box Drops to $150, Leaving Us Confused

Vudu just announced that its video-on-demand movie boxes would start selling for $150, down from $300, citing the "rewards of success" and not "imminent failure," like we first assumed when we saw this. » 2/09/09 7:15pm 2/09/09 7:15pm

Roku Netflix Box Gets Amazon Video on Demand

Roku's Netflix box is currently a one-trick pony, but it's getting Amazon's Video on Demand later this year, meaning you can soon buy or rent and instantly stream movies and TV shows from Amazon's service. » 1/05/09 11:41am 1/05/09 11:41am

Blockbuster MediaPoint Set-Top Box Out Now For $99

Seems like the threat of Netflix partnering up with everyone for TV downloading services has spurred Blockbuster into action. The video rental chain has finally confirmed rumors that it'll launch its own set-top box » 11/24/08 11:30pm 11/24/08 11:30pm before the end of the year. For a “limited time,” their 2Wire-built MediaPoint player will be free and…

Netflix Streaming Finally on TiVo

Netflix has revealed the receiver of its next golden ticket of content distribution partnerships » 10/30/08 12:00am 10/30/08 12:00am, and it's TiVo! The DVR company is the latest team member of Netflix's ever expanding movie download empire, and subscribers to TiVo's Series3, HD, and HD XL sets can now stream cinema directly to their TVs. And from this…

Amazon Video-On-Demand Official on Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link,…

We've been bringing you news on Sony's Bravia Internet Video Link for ages (it's that net-connected, wired, Bravia-TV compatible movie-player device » 9/11/08 8:00am 9/11/08 8:00am) and now Sony's announcing official support for 's Video on Demand service. So you'll have "tens of thousands of premium movies and TV shows" for the device, and more…