6 Ways Instagram Could Beat Vine at Video Sharing

War is a-brewin'. Video sharing has been slow to become part and parcel of our everyday schemata of social media, but with the success of Vine, competitors are scrambling to get in on the action. Among them? Reigning heavyweight social champ Instagram, which is reportedly adding video to its arsenal this month. Here's… » 6/19/13 11:16am 6/19/13 11:16am

Army Replaces YouTube With Censored TroopTube

The US Army banned YouTube, social networking sites and blogging well over a year ago, citing security and bandwidth issues. Standard wartime practice, really, just updated for the internets. It has the unfortunate side effect, though, of cutting troops from technology that would keep them closer to their family.… » 11/12/08 2:45pm 11/12/08 2:45pm

A Look at The Head of Tudou, China's Youtube-Like Video Sharing Site

The Guardian has a great interview with the head of Tudou.com, China's answer to Youtube. Tudou means potato in Chinese, meant to denote “couch potato.” CEO Gary Wang started the video-sharing site up four years ago after discovering the immense amount of government regulation involved if he wanted to go into… » 11/06/08 2:40am 11/06/08 2:40am

Flip Camcorder Stole 13% of Market, May Have Also Stolen Software

The Flip camcorder won our hearts with a stripped down, value priced approach to home video. However, a company called Advanced Video Technologies (AVT) has filed suit claiming that the company behind the Flip stole their patented Full Duplex Single Chip Video Codec compression software. Fortunately for consumers, AVT… » 4/16/08 8:21pm 4/16/08 8:21pm

Flip Video Ultra: Better Than the Original, But Still for Your Mom

Today the Mossberg Solution takes a whack at Pure Digital's update to the Flip Video, the Flip Video Ultra. The 60-minute (2GB) and 30-minute (1GB) models run $30 more a piece than the original, but basically improve on them in every way (better screen, resolution, etc.). Overall, the Solution says it's "a pleasure to… » 9/12/07 9:59am 9/12/07 9:59am

AT&T Unveils Video Sharing Service, Presumably to Help Spy on Us

Videocalling has already been available in Europe and Asia for some time now using high-speed 3G networks, which is why many phones we don't get over here have cameras both on the front and back of the device. We've been waiting a while for the same service to make it over here, and finally AT&T is unveiling their new… » 6/19/07 1:00pm 6/19/07 1:00pm

Flip Video Lowers Bar For YouTube Videos Even More

If you had a hard enough time wading through the millions of horrible home videos to get to the good ones on YouTube now, wait until old people start putting stuff up there. Pure Digital's Flip Video camcorder is designed to be easy to use for non-techies, complete with built-in USB adapter and software to make it… » 5/01/07 4:15pm 5/01/07 4:15pm