Nintendo Offers Solution to Wii Storage Problem, Uses Wii Points to Lure Users Onto the Net

More from the Nintendo Press Conference: the company will let you download games onto SD cards »10/02/08 1:53am10/02/08 1:53am on the Wii, starting Spring 2009. Yes, you'll have to wait another four or five months before you get to unclog the Wii's paltry HD, but at least it's something right? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also talked about an…

Ear Force X4 Headphones: Surround Sound Cussing on Xbox 360

While we enjoyed gaming with the wireless surround sound headphones we tested in our Battlemodo, the major inherent flaw with the systems were their lack of voice-chat capabilities. Now Turtle Beach has announced the Ear Force X4 wireless headphones that combine Dolby 5.1 decoding and voice chat in a package that's… »7/07/08 11:30am7/07/08 11:30am

Ant Commandos Double Range Guitar, One Guitar To Rule Them All

Playing both Guitar Hero and Rock Band isn't much of an option for many of us living in cramped quarters, but Ant Commandos has just announced the first guitar that can support both games on multiple platforms. Their Double Range Guitar plays PS2 and PS3 versions of both Guitar Hero (I, II and III) and Rock Band. All… »5/22/08 11:35am5/22/08 11:35am