Canon 70D Review: DSLR Video Nirvana Comes More Into Focus

Canon has spent years making incremental improvements to its DSLR line's video features, yet it's been ages since we've seen a major step forward in functionality. While the 60D added some nice touches, its successor, the EOS 70D, makes one very specific leap towards excellence. » 10/17/13 1:52pm 10/17/13 1:52pm

Make Your Own Awesome Inception-Style Room for $350

With its $160 million budget, Inception's special effects—the floating hallway scene in particular—are pretty damn impressive. But take away the funds, the crew, the computers, and what do you have left? Videographer Justin Fredrick Clark's very own (and equally incredible) gravity defying room—which he built entirely… » 9/23/13 5:20pm 9/23/13 5:20pm

Sony AX1: A 4K Camcorder That Doesn't Cost Ten Grand

As TV manufacturers and broadcasters gear up to deliver 4K video to people's living rooms, there still aren't many options for regular folk who want to shoot super high resolution footage of their own. Sony wants to lead that charge with a new camcorder that will make 4K simple, manageable, and most of all (relatively) … » 9/04/13 11:00am 9/04/13 11:00am

How to Get Better Action Cam Footage

» 2/14/13 2:00pm 2/14/13 2:00pm

Action cameras seem simple enough. Strap it to your head, hit record, and go, right? While that's essentially true, your video may not turn out like the ones you see the pros making. So we wrangled up some of them up at Winter X Games, and got some simple, easy to incorporate tips that'll kick your next video up a… » 2/14/13 2:00pm 2/14/13 2:00pm

Canon C300 Review: For When Your Movie Deserves Better Than a DSLR

Since the Canon 5D Mark II emerged almost four years ago, many pro videographers on a budget have shot their material exclusively with DSLRs. They've loved every minute of it. But they've been waiting for the next big thing—a dedicated video camera with a large sensor, interchangeable lenses, and no compromises. The… » 4/26/12 3:40pm 4/26/12 3:40pm

Polaroid's Dua Flash Embraces Videographers and Photographers

Like skiers and snowboarders sharing the same powder, I envision some kind of uneasy truce between those using their DSLRs for still photography, and those using them for videography. I have no basis for the dirty looks and stink eye I imagine them giving each other, but it still warms my heart to see a company like… » 10/29/11 3:00pm 10/29/11 3:00pm

Build Your Own Super-Closeup LED Light for Intimate Situations

Good lighting is the key to shooting great video, but sometimes just the right kinds of lights aren't available or are too expensive. If you need extreme close-up light that looks nice and soft, Instructables shows you how to make your own LED light array for very little money that's particularly useful in close-up… » 6/25/07 1:06pm 6/25/07 1:06pm