Sanyo Kits Out the Xacti Range With New DMX-HD800 HD Camcorder

Sanyo's HD700 Xacti » 7/30/08 5:03am 7/30/08 5:03am was the then smallest 720p camcorder in the world, and we liked it. Time's moved on and Sanyo has a new Xacti, the HD800, and it's apparently a great leap in video quality. The new cam has an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, and shoots 720p video at 30fps in MPEG4 format. It's also got "three-dimensional…

M&C 15-in-1 - It's a portable media player... that's portable!

It's nothing new that all-in-one devices typically don't handle any of their purported functions well. The M&C 15-in-1 portable media player is one such culprit, with functions like video and MP3 playback, MPEG-4 video recording, still digital camera, digital wallet, TV, and gameplay all jam-packed in one device, thus… » 7/18/05 2:59pm 7/18/05 2:59pm