NBC Hooks Up With Netflix to Deliver More TV on Your PC

NBC has become quite the digital distribution whore, like they broke up with their longtime lover and are slutting it up to make them jealous or something. Their latest partner is Netflix.com, where subscribers can watch Heroes eps the day after they air—the release curiously avoids the word "stream"—as well as past… »11/29/07 3:45pm11/29/07 3:45pm


News Corp. President Confirms No iTunes Breakup for Them

Looks like a massive walkout on iTunes by the networks isn't happening: News Corp. President Peter Chernin has stated that they will not pull their content from the store. News Corp. seemed to be the most likely to follow NBC's defection if anyone, given their own reported unhappiness with iTunes' pricing and 50/50… »9/11/07 10:05am9/11/07 10:05am

Apple Pushing Networks to Cut iTunes TV Prices to 99 Cents a Show

Apparently, Apple's feeling pretty generous "aggressive" lately price-wise. Citing "three people familiar with the proposal," Variety's reporting that Apple's "mulling" chopping the price of TV shows down to 99 cents an episode. Naturally, the networks aren't exactly thrilled with the less-than-modest proposal. So why… »9/07/07 11:32am9/07/07 11:32am

Microsoft Media Extender Platform Relaunched With 802.11n, DivX and Xvid Support

Probably the only Media Extender hardware most people are aware of is the Xbox 360, and with everyone and their mom getting into the set-top box game, it's time Microsoft re-juiced the stagnating platform. Renamed "Extenders for Window Media Center" (okay?) the new platform will debut on hardware from Linksys, D-Link… »9/06/07 4:30am9/06/07 4:30am

Building B Promises the One True Set-Top Box, Without Wires, PCs or Details

The do-it-all set-top box market's about to get even more crowded, the newest kid on the block coming from start-up Building B. Their hook: wireless delivery of traditional TV content in HD, plus VOD and web video without a PC. The catch: They're not so forthcoming with the details in regards to the tech it's using… »8/20/07 1:40pm8/20/07 1:40pm