Intel Holds $1M Design Contest for Coolest Living Room PC

When it comes to living room PCs, you can't top the Mac Mini. At least that's what Intel thinks, which is why they're dishing out $1m to the person who can design a living room-worthy Viiv Core 2 Duo-based PC that tops Apple's angel. Seven of the semifinalists have been chosen and can be seen/voted on before a winner… »3/22/07 10:50am3/22/07 10:50am

Maingear Prisma Entertainment PC: Just Another Pretty Face

Add mystical pyramid power to your home theater with the Maingear Prisma Entertainment PC, a uniquely-shaped Viiv media center with unremarkable innards. Built on an ATX motherboard, you can goose it up with a dual-core Intel 3.2GHz Pentium D 940 processor, and you can opt to install two standard-definition TV tuners… »8/16/06 12:49pm8/16/06 12:49pm