Archaeologists Just Discovered a 1,000-Year-Old Viking Fortress

It's been 60 years since a viking fortress was discovered, leading historians to assume that we'd uncovered everything there is to uncover. But this weekend, Danish and English archaeologists announced they've unearthed evidence of a new fortress that's been sought after for years—and they used some pretty cool tech… »9/08/14 3:19pm9/08/14 3:19pm

Archaeologists Found a Viking Parliament Buried Under a Parking Lot

There's some big excitement in the sleepy town of Dingwall, Scotland, where the remnants of Viking parliamentary gathering spot was just discovered under a parking lot. This is where Norse nobleman would get together and settle their differences before swords started swinging. Now it's a Camry hangout. »10/25/13 10:20am10/25/13 10:20am