How to Shoot Live Photos Even If You Don't Have a New iPhone

Live Photos is one of the headline features of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. But if you haven’t forked out for one of Apple’s 2015 handsets, there are ways to get the same kind of functionality on your own smartphone. All you need is the right app, and these are the best of the bunch for Android and iOS. »11/02/15 11:45am11/02/15 11:45am


You Can Soon Use Mini Videos As Your Profile Picture on Facebook Mobile

Facebook’s updating its profile picture feature: Mobile users will be able to use 7-second long homemade GIFs as their main picture on the site. This is gonna be just like that time people complained on MySpace when users changed their background to tiled tie-dye or neon fuchsia wallpaper with animated glitter hearts. »9/30/15 3:10pm9/30/15 3:10pm

Impossible Rube Goldberg machine cleverly breaks the concept of reality

When you live in the carefully edited Vine world of magic and wizardry and spells and sorcery, you can make anything happen. Zach King is the master of flipping the construct of reality on its head and transforming things into something entirely different. Take this Rube Goldberg machine that starts out normally and… »4/13/15 9:16pm4/13/15 9:16pm

Vine's Website Turned Into a Massive Searchable Library of Tiny Vids

Vine, Twitter's six-second looping video app, just pushed another big update to its website, and it looks strangely familiar. It's got playlists, channels, trending tags, and a "popular now" curated feed. And you no longer have to be a Vine user to use it. In short, it looks a hell of a lot like YouTube, packed to the… »5/01/14 3:20pm5/01/14 3:20pm

You've Got to Watch the Most Popular Vine Compilation of All Time

Today might be the birthday of some computer, but it's also the first birthday of everyone's favorite 6-second stupid, funny, stupid-funny video sharing service, Vine. To celebrate, we found the most ridiculously popular Vine compilation ever to supplement Vine's own official roundup: this 45 million view behemoth.… »1/24/14 12:00pm1/24/14 12:00pm

This Vine compilation video of magic tricks and sorcery is so much fun

Here is a tummy tickling compilation video of Vines from Zach King, the magic wizard of Vine. He'll snatch cats out of computer screens, turn Rubik's Cubes into candy, fly through beds and doors, jump out of his clothes, magically change colors of any object and more. It's the most entertaining use of the 6 second… »1/14/14 8:10pm1/14/14 8:10pm