Ro-Bow Is a Violin-Playing Robot That Actually Sounds Pretty Good 

Described as a kinetic sculpture, Ro-Bow (as the name suggests) is a violin-playing robot that uses electromagnetic actuators to play digital files. Yeah, it won't be the first chair at the London Philharmonic any time soon, but its pretty amazing to watch all the machine's parts work in unison to produce some pretty… »2/22/15 1:13pm2/22/15 1:13pm


Video: The skilled precision and interesting history of making a violin

The violin is a cute little instrument but also, as I learned from watching this video of violin maker (or luthier) John Young, a really interesting instrument to make. It's artfully designed and carefully shaved down and is still made in a similar way from when it first appeared centuries ago. »12/24/14 2:22am12/24/14 2:22am

Portable Pianist Sounds Dirty, but Makes Sense with These Fingertip Keyboard Gloves

There's no definition for the word "worthless" in the Hammacher Schlemmer dictionary; these Fingertip Piano Gloves are "ingenious," a portable subway piano concerto waiting to happen. Each glove plays an entire octave in the key of C, and the final three notes in the scale are achieved by pressing down on the palm.… »9/21/08 7:00pm9/21/08 7:00pm

Chinese Build Piano, Violin Shaped Buildings to Stereotypical Chinese Kids' Horror

There's not much detail on why this Huainan building was built in the shape of a violin and a piano, but our guess is it's to shame every little Chinese kid into taking up the two stereotypical instruments they play: the piano and the violin. Of course, their instruments aren't made of glass and aren't 100 feet tall,… »9/18/07 4:30pm9/18/07 4:30pm