The F-35 Can't Beat The Plane It's Replacing In A Dogfight: Report

We’ve heard of significant shortcomings before with the fighter jet that’s supposed to be America’s future, but this is just as bad as it gets. The F-35 performed so dismally in a dogfight, that the test pilot remarked that the it had pretty much no place fighting other aircraft within visual range. »6/29/15 6:40pm6/29/15 6:40pm


Why Don't The Newest US Air Force F-16s Use These High-Tech Fuel Tanks?

Fuel is the ever-present specter that looms over every pilot. It’s great when you have enough of it, and terrifying when you don’t. This is especially true for notoriously fuel hungry tactical fighters. Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) have become an increasingly popular way to add range to existing fighter designs, such… »6/22/15 7:20pm6/22/15 7:20pm

This F-16 Viper Managed To Fly Back To Base Missing Half A Wing

Last October there was a nearly fatal collision between two F-16 Vipers from the 125th Fighter Squadron of the Oklahoma Air National Guard. All we knew at the time was that one of the jets went down in a field after the pilot safely ejected, while the other managed to land with a damaged wing. But "damaged" was… »2/21/15 8:42am2/21/15 8:42am

Not Your Father's F-16: Take A Tour Of The F-16IN Super Viper Cockpit 

The video below takes you on a virtual mission in the F-16IN 'Super Viper' cockpit, showing how some of the jet's amazing avionics and automation work. The Viper has evolved from a basic light-weight fighter into a medium-weight strike-fighter over the last four decades and in the F-16IN configuration it would have… »1/02/15 3:19pm1/02/15 3:19pm

The USAF's Deadliest F-16 Viper Pilot On Women, Combat, And The F-35

20 years, over 600 combat hours, 151 combat missions, 21 hard kills on surface-to-air missile sites, four Distinguished Flying Crosses with Valor, eight Air Medals with Valor, five Meritorious Service Medals, one Purple Heart. Dan Hampton is one of America's most decorated fighter pilots of modern times and he… »7/14/14 2:23pm7/14/14 2:23pm