Live in Air: 10 Things You Need To Know About In Flight Wi-Fi

I'm live from Virgin America's Beta run of their Wi-Fi service, over San Francisco, and there are a few things you should know about how its going to work when most airlines go live in 2009. And yes, I am posting this live from 15k feet over the Pacific Ocean. 1. Your last bastion of Internet Free peace is gone.… »11/22/08 7:30pm11/22/08 7:30pm

Virgin America Getting In-Flight Wi-Fi on November 22

At long last, Virgin America is finally bringing in-flight wireless internet access to its flights »11/06/08 12:42pm11/06/08 12:42pm. On November 22, a beta flight above San Francisco will be the first to test the service, with it then rolling out to more flights after that at a rate of one per week. The plan is to have Wi-Fi available throughout the…

Which Airlines Block Porn on In-Flight Wi-Fi (and Which Don't)

Following American Airlines »10/16/08 5:30pm10/16/08 5:30pm' and 's decision to cockblock your RedTube habit at 30,000 feet, MSNBC has , finding out who'll be filtering their in-flight Wi-Fi and who won't. Besides Delta and American, the other major airline doing so is Southwest, who says theirs will be "much like you have a filter at work." Uh,…

Walt Mossberg Reviews GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi (Verdict: Fast, But Not Fast Enough)

Walt just tested GoGo, the in-flight Wi-Fi service, on a bunch of laptops and smartphones during a flight from San Francisco to Denver. The service distributes, via Wi-Fi, a high speed cellphone data signal pointed at airplanes, which Mossy rated at around 600kbps down and 250kbps up. This was quick enough for Walt to… »6/19/08 11:18am6/19/08 11:18am

Gogo To Bring In-Flight Wi-Fi By Spring; We Can't Wait

We already knew that Virgin America and American Airlines were planning to bring in-flight wi-fi in 2008, but we seriously didn't expect it be ready by spring. Aircell has just launched its US in-flight wi-fi service called "gogo" and they claim it will be available in the first half of 2008. Virgin America and… »3/13/08 4:05pm3/13/08 4:05pm

Virgin America Bringing In-Air Wi-Fi to Its Flights in 2008

Man, Virgin America is really making all other airlines look horrible. First they started flying with awesome high-tech Linux computers on every seat, seat-to-seat chat, games (Doom!), movies, music and food ordering, not to mention sexy mood lighting, and now they just announced something even cooler: air-to-ground… »9/13/07 12:40pm9/13/07 12:40pm