Famicom Wii Classic Controllers Can't Wash Away Bad E3 Press Conference Memories

Still smarting from Nintendo's half-ass, arm waving train wreck of an E3 press conference? Yeah, these retro Famicom-inspired Classic Controllers for the Wii Virtual Console won't help at all with that, but they're still a pretty cool collector's item. They come in two red and gold Famicom versions, two Wii white… »7/20/08 6:00pm7/20/08 6:00pm

Afternoon News: Give Gifts on Wii, Get a Cheap Mylo, New Light Bulbs for Ireland and More

• Dealzmodo: Sign up for a Sony Visa card, get a Mylo for $49 and one free year of T-Mobile Hotspot service. Our own Chris Mascari said it best: "Kinda makes me wish I wanted a Mylo." [Sony]
• The Wii Shop now lets you send Virtual Console games to friends as gifts. First person to send me Super Mario 64 gets a gold… »12/10/07 4:00pm12/10/07 4:00pm

Emulator Plays Better Games Than Wii's Virtual Console

Nintendo had a good thing going with its Virtual Console idea, but we admit to being more than just a little disappointed when we saw the launch titles. Well, now someone's managed to run an emulator on their Wii using a combination of Action Replay, SDLoad, and Nintendo's own SD card adapter. The combo allows you to… »11/22/06 3:12pm11/22/06 3:12pm