Famicom Wii Classic Controllers Can't Wash Away Bad E3 Press Conference Memories

Still smarting from Nintendo's half-ass, arm waving train wreck of an E3 press conference? Yeah, these retro Famicom-inspired Classic Controllers for the Wii Virtual Console won't help at all with that, but they're still a pretty cool collector's item. They come in two red and gold Famicom versions, two Wii white… » 7/20/08 6:00pm 7/20/08 6:00pm

Virtual Console Duplicator Copies 60 USB Sticks At Once

For those times when 59 copies just isn't enough, make 60 USB copies at once with this Virtual Console duplicator. Featuring optional 128-bit encryption and the ability to duplicate actual files (rather than just writing a binary mirror), it takes the copier just two minutes to fill 60 1GB drives with whatever… » 4/29/08 9:50am 4/29/08 9:50am

Afternoon News: Give Gifts on Wii, Get a Cheap Mylo, New Light Bulbs for Ireland and More

• Dealzmodo: Sign up for a Sony Visa card, get a Mylo for $49 and one free year of T-Mobile Hotspot service. Our own Chris Mascari said it best: "Kinda makes me wish I wanted a Mylo." [Sony]
• The Wii Shop now lets you send Virtual Console games to friends as gifts. First person to send me Super Mario 64 gets a gold… » 12/10/07 4:00pm 12/10/07 4:00pm

Emulator Plays Better Games Than Wii's Virtual Console

Nintendo had a good thing going with its Virtual Console idea, but we admit to being more than just a little disappointed when we saw the launch titles. Well, now someone's managed to run an emulator on their Wii using a combination of Action Replay, SDLoad, and Nintendo's own SD card adapter. The combo allows you to… » 11/22/06 3:12pm 11/22/06 3:12pm