British Businesses Can Now Register "Dot London" URLs

Starting today, London businesses are able to apply for .london top-level domain names. With this, London joins Berlin, NYC, Paris, and other cities that offer region-specific URLs for businesses connected to those cities. It's the start of an interesting interplay between physical geography and virtual identity, a… »4/29/14 10:32am4/29/14 10:32am


Dot City: Welcome to the Age of Virtual Geography

Last week's news that London had applied for a .london top level domain name (TLD)—joining a small handful of other cities and regions around the world, including .nyc and .paris—raised the question of how a city might define itself online, where the edges and outer boundaries of a city might be when you're clicking… »11/21/13 1:00pm11/21/13 1:00pm