Yamaha YSP-900 Delivers 5.1 Sound From a Single Speaker

I'm always on the hunt for the ultimate virtual surround sound system and I gotta admit, Yamaha's new YSP-900 looks pretty enticing. Like the previous version, it's intended to deliver 2.1 or 5.1 virtual surround sound in a package that only consists of a soundbar. This one in particular is meant to be paired with… »2/16/07 9:40am2/16/07 9:40am

Soundmatters Starves its Latest Virtual Surround Sound Speaker

Just like HP said no to its plus-size DLPs this morning, Soundmatters too is cracking down on its overly plump speakers. Their latest model, the ultra-thin SLIMstage, is just 3.4 inches thin (skinnier than some flat panels) yet it's still capable of belting out "convincing" stereo and 5.1 signals. The 210-watt… »1/03/07 3:25pm1/03/07 3:25pm