What the iPhone Has Needed All Along is Coming: Sparkle, A 3D Virtual…

A company called Genkii is hoping to rope a chunk of the 40-million worldwide web-connected phones and iTouches into a new 3D avatar-based virtual world, Sparkle. Too bad virtual worlds died around 4 years ago. » 3/23/09 10:20am 3/23/09 10:20am

City of Decatur, Georgia Mulling Virtual World Interface

Not one to be outdone by the likes of PlayStation Home, World of Warcraft, or even that cesspool of flying dildos Second Life, the city of Decatur, Georgia might be going virtual. » 12/21/08 3:00pm 12/21/08 3:00pm

Teen Steals Over $5K in Virtual Furniture, Gets Busted By Very Real Cops

Police arrested a Dutch 17-year old and questioned five other 15-year-olds for the alleged theft of over $5,000 worth of furniture from Habbo Hotel, a virtual hangout with more than 6 million visitors from 30 countries. "The six teenagers are suspected of moving the stolen furniture into their own Habbo rooms," says… » 11/14/07 12:10pm 11/14/07 12:10pm