Hands-On With Ricavision's VAVE Universal Vista Sideshow Remote

We've seen Ricavision's Sideshow Remotes before (and even got hands-on with their previous concept SideShow remote), but this is the first time we've fondled the commercial version that's coming next year. » 1/08/08 4:40pm 1/08/08 4:40pm

ControlThink's Vista SideShow and Z-Wave Home Theater/Automation Remote

The Vista feature you pretty much forgot about is back: ControlThink's got a new remote control platform for Windows Media Center and other devices called ThinkRemote that leverages Vista's oft-touted-but-rarely used SideShow. That's right, you can get SideShow information and gadgets anywhere in your house since the… » 9/11/07 1:30pm 9/11/07 1:30pm

Asus W5fe: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Asus' W5fe made a big splash at CES, mainly cause it was the first lappie to sport an external LCD for Vista's SideShow. Unfortunately, the laptop is going out with a whimper. The problem? SideShow itself. Although the controls are straightforward, the folks at Laptop think navigating through the interface is "clumsy."… » 3/09/07 12:35pm 3/09/07 12:35pm

Soundgraph's Front View Challenges Vista's Sideshow

We've already gotten a taste of what Vista's Sideshow feature can potentially do (both on remotes and on laptops), but now Korean manufacturer Soundgraph is hoping to beat MS to the punch with its own Sideshow-like feature called Front View. Front View consists of a front-mounted display on your Media Center PC that… » 12/27/06 11:23am 12/27/06 11:23am