Innovations in Visualizer Technology: Electroshock Your Face

Sure, iTunes' new visualizer » 10/25/08 12:45pm 10/25/08 12:45pm is pretty, but you can't compete with the visceral, hypnotizing weirdness of Daito Manabe's facial electric stimulus. He tapes electric stimulators, looking like the same type used for electroshock therapy, , and syncs them with his music so his involuntary facial contortions match up…

How to Get the Real Magnetosphere Visualizer in iTunes

Apple may have absorbed the super-neato Magnetosphere visualizer » 9/10/08 8:54pm 9/10/08 8:54pm into iTunes, but they did make some tweaks in their Borging process. Just like those Picard-obsessed skinjobs, the iTunes version is obsessed with planets and launching millions of photon torpedoes into them. The original, , has more sparklies and…

Visualize Cellphone and MP3 Player Sizes With Sizeasy

Our friend Adam from Lifehacker is really obsessed with size for some reason, often googling for "length", "width", and "visualization" terms—we assume that's how he found Sizeasy. The site lets you plug in the dimensions of the cellphone or MP3 player you've had your eye on to compare to every day objects like a… » 9/21/06 7:15pm 9/21/06 7:15pm