Moog Is Putting Braille On Its Synth So the Visually Impaired Can Jam

Moog just trotted out a new version of its popular Sub Phatty synth that's got a braille overlay to help the visually impaired. It's hard to believe it took the legendary manufacturer this long to get around to it, especially given that it's actually a pretty simple modification to the panel's design. » 5/08/14 3:00pm 5/08/14 3:00pm

An iPhone App That Identifies Currency for Blind People

If you've traveled abroad, perhaps you noticed that different denomination bills had different physical sizes, a design intended to allow people—especially the blind and visually impaired—to distinguish how much a bill was worth just by touching it. American currency has not followed this lead! LookTel Money Reader… » 3/10/11 3:20pm 3/10/11 3:20pm

Sentio Tactile Digital Watch for Blind has Good Looks

Looking like the love child of the mechano-digital Di Grisogono and the F1 watches, this concept is intended to be a timepiece for the visually impaired. Elements of the 7-segment numerals pop out so you can tell the time with a touch (I'm guessing it shows hours, minutes sequentially.) But designer Matthew Wagerfield… » 5/28/08 10:30am 5/28/08 10:30am

LevelStar's Icon Mobile Manager is a Screenless PDA

The Icon Mobile Manager by Levelstar is designed with a different clientele in mind: the visually impaired. Instead of a screen, the Icon features audio menus to help the user navigate, and acts as a hub for daily technology-related activities. This thing is just a great idea, designed specifically to give… » 6/25/07 10:40am 6/25/07 10:40am