New Printing Tech Allows the Blind to Touch Priceless Paintings

Walking into a museum and putting your hands on a priceless painting is normally, uh, frowned upon. But in Madrid right now, an unusual exhibit is inviting visitors to touch some of the most famous paintings in the world—so that the visually impaired can experience them, too. » 3/10/15 6:45pm 3/10/15 6:45pm

Instead of drawing a line between those…

These Five Ideas for Smarter Cities Just Won Millions in Funding

Ever since he left his post as the ban-happy mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg has been very busy taking his urban revitalization show on the road. Today, his philanthropy announced the winners of his annual Mayors Challenge, with five bright ideas for cities addressing issues from aging to civic engagement. » 9/19/14 4:20pm 9/19/14 4:20pm

Moog Is Putting Braille On Its Synth So the Visually Impaired Can Jam

Moog just trotted out a new version of its popular Sub Phatty synth that's got a braille overlay to help the visually impaired. It's hard to believe it took the legendary manufacturer this long to get around to it, especially given that it's actually a pretty simple modification to the panel's design. » 5/08/14 3:00pm 5/08/14 3:00pm

An iPhone App That Identifies Currency for Blind People

If you've traveled abroad, perhaps you noticed that different denomination bills had different physical sizes, a design intended to allow people—especially the blind and visually impaired—to distinguish how much a bill was worth just by touching it. American currency has not followed this lead! LookTel Money Reader… » 3/10/11 3:20pm 3/10/11 3:20pm

Hands-Free GPS Device for the Blind Could Make You a Superhero

The Navigation aid for the Blind headset » 10/08/08 11:07pm 10/08/08 11:07pm is a GPS device, which not only works through speech recognition, but also uses obstacle detection technology that alerts the blind of any sleeping bums or other obstructions he could trip over as he is being guided to his destination. In 2003, we reported on a that led the…

Sentio Tactile Digital Watch for Blind has Good Looks

Looking like the love child of the mechano-digital Di Grisogono and the F1 watches, this concept is intended to be a timepiece for the visually impaired. Elements of the 7-segment numerals pop out so you can tell the time with a touch (I'm guessing it shows hours, minutes sequentially.) But designer Matthew Wagerfield… » 5/28/08 10:30am 5/28/08 10:30am

LevelStar's Icon Mobile Manager is a Screenless PDA

The Icon Mobile Manager by Levelstar is designed with a different clientele in mind: the visually impaired. Instead of a screen, the Icon features audio menus to help the user navigate, and acts as a hub for daily technology-related activities. This thing is just a great idea, designed specifically to give… » 6/25/07 10:40am 6/25/07 10:40am