The Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

Retailers took their time, but this is an amazing set of Black Friday gaming deals. Deals will be hyperlinked as they go live. » 11/27/14 1:08pm 11/27/14 1:08pm

Getting Started With The PlayStation TV

Sony's PlayStation Vita in-a-set-top-box arrives in stores in North America tomorrow. Here's what to expect while setting up the tiny PlayStation TV in your home. » 10/13/14 6:21pm 10/13/14 6:21pm

​PlayStation Vita Review Update: Two And A Half Years Later

The PlayStation Vita has come a long way in the last two and a half years. Sony's handheld console has navigated a winding and sometimes uncertain route, often deviating from whatever we thought its original course would be. And yet somehow, these many months later, it has landed in a pretty good place. » 7/01/14 4:20pm 7/01/14 4:20pm

The New Vita Is An Improvement, Mostly

There's a new PlayStation Vita handheld out today. It's called the Vita Slim, and while for the most part it's similar to the first model, it does improve on a number of small things. Though there is the issue of that new screen… » 5/06/14 5:00pm 5/06/14 5:00pm

PlayStation Vita Review: You Don't Need Another Beautiful Smart Gadget

The PSP never exploded. The Nintendo 3DS is a letdown. Now it's 2012, and Sony has the chance for a clean start that'll put console-caliber games in your bag. It does—but does a pocketable console really make sense anymore? » 2/13/12 9:00am 2/13/12 9:00am

Playstation Vita Is Finally Up for Pre-Order... in Canada?

Engadget is showing off a new Playstation Vita ready to be pre-ordered at Best Buy, but in the Great White North. The dates indicate a March 2012 release. Meanwhile, the UK can expect the console to drop on October 28. » 8/06/11 6:20pm 8/06/11 6:20pm

The Next PSP Is Officially the PlayStation Vita (Update: Hands On)

You already knew most of the details about the next PSP. But now we know its name: The PlayStation Vita. 'Cause it means life, or something. Update: Hands on. (Sony was being stingy about photos/video though, sorry!) » 6/06/11 9:22pm 6/06/11 9:22pm