The United Nations Gets a Revamp, Just in Time For the General Assembly

This week, as delegates descend on the United Nations for the 68th General Assembly, they just might be spending their free time in a brand-new lounge area. The renovation, officially opening on Wednesday, is an official gift from the Netherlands to the UN, so it's only appropriate that it was masterminded by two of… » 9/23/13 11:00am 9/23/13 11:00am

A Self-Sustaining Hut For The Modern Hermit

If your world is feeling overwhelmingly and counter-productively materialistic it may be time to downsize and move into a hut. That's normal, right? And for all your sacrifice your minimalist hut can be built by celebrity architect Renzo Piano. Intrigued? » 6/16/13 6:20pm 6/16/13 6:20pm

Vitrahaus: A Building With a View, and a View, and a View, and a View

Vitra, a Swiss furniture manufacturer, recently completed the Vitrahaus as a presentation space for their collection. Yes, that's a real photograph. The building's comprised of 12 stacked "houses," and if you can believe it, the inside is no less stunning. » 2/20/10 12:30pm 2/20/10 12:30pm