$1000 1080p Projector Battlemodo: Optoma HD20 vs Vivitek H1080FD

The idea of a $1000 1080p projector is enticing, but are the first products to reach this price, the VIvitek H1080FD and the Optoma HD20, any good? Yes, yes they are. » 10/30/09 2:00pm 10/30/09 2:00pm

1080p Projectors Finally Sink Past $1000

Well hey, maybe it's time to start paying attention to olde tyme projektor machines again: Vivitek's upcoming H1080FD will spit a full 1080p image at whatever size you want, for just a thousand dollars. » 8/03/09 4:00pm 8/03/09 4:00pm