App of the Day: Screens for iPad and iPhone

I always asked myself how much I really needed VNC on my iPad, assuming it'd be a huge headache to deal with. Screens, which is a cinch to configure and totally intuitive to operate, pretty much made my objections irrelevant. »12/28/10 5:00pm12/28/10 5:00pm

What is it?

Screens, iPhone and iPad, $15. A super simple, super pretty VNC client for… »12/28/10 5:00pm12/28/10 5:00pm

Man Uses Remote Desktop to Catch Laptop Thief, Watch Porn Remotely

A NY laptop-theft victim finally caught the criminal thanks to the use of a remote desktop application he had installed in his computer. However, it wasn't as easy as connecting to the notebook over the internet and locating him: His investigation lasted for almost a month, watching his laptop screen as the thief used… »10/01/08 1:00pm10/01/08 1:00pm