Do You Actually Use Voice Commands on Your Smartphone?

If the last month has made anything evident, it's that tech companies are not treating voice recognition as a gimmick, and in fact, are increasingly paying more attention to it. But like our friend Matt Buchanan points out, it's sort of de-humanizing. Is this something you actually use? How do you use it? Do you feel… » 6/28/12 7:00pm 6/28/12 7:00pm

Siri vs. Android: Which Is Better at Understanding Voice Commands?

Motorola created a bit of a stir yesterday when it released a video compared Android's Voice Actions on the Atrix 2 with iOS's Siri on an iPhone 4S. Fanboys screamed foul in the comments, so we decided to test it out for ourselves. And yes, there's a very clear winner. » 2/28/12 5:30pm 2/28/12 5:30pm

Mouth On With Android's Voice Actions (Verdict: It's Great)

Voice Actions work! Really well! The video above is a good demo, showing it it navigating to Giz, sending an email, finding Starbucks and and making a self-memo. I didn't even have to hold the phone up to my face. » 8/12/10 2:32pm 8/12/10 2:32pm