Turn on "OK Google" in Chrome OS to start talking to your Chromebook

In recent weeks you might’ve heard all about Cortana’s integration with Windows 10, enabling you to run web searches, check your diary and toggle system settings by chatting to your computer. A similar kind of functionality is available on Chrome OS, with more comprehensive features on the way. »9/17/15 2:30pm9/17/15 2:30pm

These Magic Words Will Wake Your Next Intel-Powered Computer

“Cortana, wake up.” Seriously, that’s it. Say those words to a snoozing Windows 10 computer with a sixth-generation Intel Core processor, and it’ll wake right up from sleep. That’s because the new Intel Skylake processors will always be listening for that command, thanks to a low-power digital signal processor (DSP)… »8/18/15 2:30pm8/18/15 2:30pm

I Installed Windows 10 and Now I'm Talking to My Computer

Unless you’re one of the handful of people rocking a Windows Phone, you won’t have much experience with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant. With the roll-out of Windows 10, Cortana is about to make a lot of new friends very quickly—and like me, they might soon find themselves shouting instructions at… »7/23/15 4:51pm7/23/15 4:51pm

Moshi Alarm Clock Will Only Shut Off If You Ask It Nicely

The Moshi IVR clock is one of those rare, heartwarming products that serves two marginalized demographics: the blind and the chronically rude. For blind folks the benefit is obvious, as all of the clock's major functions are controlled with simple verbal commands. This includes alarm deactivation, but not necessarily… »11/12/08 5:23am11/12/08 5:23am

Kapsys' Kapten is Screenless, Voice-Driven, Key Ring-Sized GPS

This tiny GPS system from Kapten shuns the current preoccupation for large, high-detail touchscreens »8/15/08 4:41am8/15/08 4:41am... it has, in fact, no screen at all. There're a bunch of led-lit icons at the top, indicating car-, pedestrian-mode and so on, but that's it. All navigation requests and instructions are made by you talking to the…

Palm Adding Voice Commands to Treos For Messaging and Browsing

Thanks to an agreement with Nuance Communications, Palm will be delivering voice command capabilities to Palm OS supported smartphones like the Centro and the Treo. More specifically, Palm will be utilizing Nuance's VSuite apps to handle functions like name dialing, digit dialing, message addressing for text, picture,… »3/26/08 4:30pm3/26/08 4:30pm