Palm Treo 800w Gets Bluetooth Voice Dialing Via Software Update

Treo 800w users can finally do voice dialing over their Bluetooth headsets with this software update pack. One caveat is that you'll need to have the TREO800w-1.03-SPNT as your current "Software Version" under your About screen, so if you don't, you'll have to update to that first. What's the point of using your… »7/29/08 3:00pm7/29/08 3:00pm


Voice Dial iPhone Voice Dialing App Costs Money, But Works Well

Adam of Lifehacker points us to this Voice Dial application for the iPhone, which allows you to record voice samples for any contact on your address book and bring it up just by talking. You can activate voice dialing with the two-press home button trick introduced in iPhone 1.1.1, but you can even put tags on actions… »1/22/08 5:00pm1/22/08 5:00pm