Darth Vader Sounded Hilarious Before Voice-Over

The Force Awakens will introduce us to some new Sith villains for sure, but Darth Vader will always be the most iconic. James Earl Jones was his threatening voice, but the body was an English actor who didn't just gesture around in silence like a mime during filming; he voiced all the lines in a West Country English… » 11/07/14 11:05am 11/07/14 11:05am

How the iPhone Helped a Blind Person See Color

"I have seen a lot of technology for the blind, and I can safely say that the iPhone represents the most revolutionary thing to happen to the blind for at least the last ten years." » 9/20/10 3:20pm 9/20/10 3:20pm

Apple's iPad Will (Perhaps Controversially) Read E-Books Aloud

In addition to the orientation-lock button, yesterday's pre-order commencement delivered another surprise nugget: the iPad will read all EPUB books out loud. If you remember the shitstorm that surrounded Kindle's text-to-voice feature, you'll know that this is a bold move. » 3/13/10 12:47pm 3/13/10 12:47pm

Klipsch Image S4i Review

The Klipsch Image S4i is one of the only non-Apple iPhone headsets on the market that supports both the iPod Shuffle's VoiceOver function and the iPhone 3GS's Voice Control. » 8/16/09 2:00pm 8/16/09 2:00pm

A Blind Photographer (!)

After professional photographer Alex Dejong lost his sight three years ago, he thought his days of taking and editing photos was over. But the iPhone 3GS's VoiceOver feature, plus a few key apps, has given some of his abilities back. » 7/18/09 10:00am 7/18/09 10:00am

Shuffle-Compatible Headphones Trickle In From Etymotics, Klipsch,…

We're just starting to get word on Shuffle VoiceOver-friendly headphones coming from third-party manufacturers. In addition to the news we've already seen from Scosche, there's a $100 pair from Klipsch, and we're being told that there will be more announced from Monster and Etymotics shortly, if not already. Shure… » 3/12/09 1:58pm 3/12/09 1:58pm

How the iPod Shuffle VoiceOver Works

As you probably know, the new Apple iPod shuffle can speak up the name of your songs, artists, and playlists. I initially thought it was a new text-to-speech chip. It is not: » 3/11/09 4:40pm 3/11/09 4:40pm

Apple to Make iTunes 8 and iPod Completely Accessible to the Blind

Apple has committed to work with the state of Massachusetts to use its VoiceOver technology from Mac OS X to make its iTunes and iPod ecosystem fully usable for the blind. Before the agreement, Apple had already been making strides: VoiceOver and Braille support for OS X and closed captioning for iPod and Apple TV… » 9/27/08 9:00pm 9/27/08 9:00pm