Minuscule Voice Recorder Guarantees No One Will Know You're a Snitch

When you're involved in a sting operation, or just trying to collect some incriminating evidence, the last thing you want is the perps realizing you've been recording everything. And since the days of sneakily recording a conversation with a phone in your pocket are long gone, this ridiculously tiny voice recorder » 9/25/12 1:40pm 9/25/12 1:40pm

iPhone Apps We Like: QuickVoice Voice Recorder Is Great For Field…

If you're covering an event and already carrying a huge gear bag with a laptop, camera, emergency Cliff bars and all the rest, QuickVoice is a welcome replacement for a standalone digital voice recorder. We like QuickVoice as a late addition to our favorites for its pause feature, which allows you to start and stop… » 7/25/08 5:40pm 7/25/08 5:40pm

USB Pen, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Voice Recorder

This thing may actually be pretty useful. See, you use the voice recorder to record your CFO and CTO in the bathroom talking about embezzling funds—you were hiding in a stall, using the FM radio to pass the time. Then you use the 512MB flash memory to steal office documents about the whole thing. Later, you confront… » 6/28/06 3:40pm 6/28/06 3:40pm