Minuscule Voice Recorder Guarantees No One Will Know You're a Snitch

When you're involved in a sting operation, or just trying to collect some incriminating evidence, the last thing you want is the perps realizing you've been recording everything. And since the days of sneakily recording a conversation with a phone in your pocket are long gone, this ridiculously tiny voice recorder »9/25/12 1:40pm9/25/12 1:40pm


iPhone Apps We Like: QuickVoice Voice Recorder Is Great For Field Journos

If you're covering an event and already carrying a huge gear bag with a laptop, camera, emergency Cliff bars and all the rest, QuickVoice is a welcome replacement for a standalone digital voice recorder. We like QuickVoice as a late addition to our favorites for its pause feature, which allows you to start and stop… »7/25/08 5:40pm7/25/08 5:40pm