This Is the Worst Thing About Voicemail

Regardless of how you feel about voicemail, I think we can all agree that this is the worst. I don't want to call up and listen, Android. Just let me dismiiiiiissssssssss. » 3/11/15 4:50pm 3/11/15 4:50pm

You're Wrong About Voicemail

My mother is untrainable. At least, as far as voicemail is concerned. We'd repeat the same song and dance over and over. Me: Stop leaving me voicemails. Her: I don't understand. This went on for years, until I figured out she was right all along. » 1/07/15 10:20am 1/07/15 10:20am

What's Your Most Garbled Google Voice Transcript?

Google Voice transcriptions read like they came out of the ass-end of a hair dryer. They're surprisingly terrible, especially since Google voice recognition is generally pretty reliable. Let's all point at laugh at your worst examples of botched voicemails, Google-style. » 3/19/14 3:00pm 3/19/14 3:00pm

Mailing Recorded Messages Was Once an Actual Alterative To Long…

Sherman, set the wayback machine to ridiculous because back in 1967, Smith-Corona—best known for its typewriters—actually sold a device called the Mail Call. What did it do? Let users record messages on small cartridges and mail them to anyone with a matching device. » 10/01/12 4:40pm 10/01/12 4:40pm

Is There a Single Good Reason to Leave Voicemail?

Why do people leave voicemail? To annoy me? Us? There is absolutely no point, as far as I can tell. If you want to tell me something, and I'm not picking up my phone, send a text. At this point, voicemail is nothing more than an anxiety inducing surprise package. A red bubble of the unknown—that inevitably is left… » 7/06/12 9:10pm 7/06/12 9:10pm

How News of the World Hacked Everybody's Phones

For a while, leaving your cell unattended seemed like the biggest threat to phone security. But this recent business is a reminder that there are savvier ways someone can violate your phone—without even touching it. » 7/19/11 1:00pm 7/19/11 1:00pm

Rise of the Hacker Journalist

Milly Dowler vanished in 2002. It set off a huge sensation in the UK, similar to the Natalee Holloway case in the United States. Now, reports have surfaced that News of the World hacked into her voicemail. » 7/05/11 3:30pm 7/05/11 3:30pm

News of the World Grants "Unreserved Apology" to Victims of Voicemail…

Eight victims of the News of the World's "phone hacking" scandal have received an unprecedented apology from that publication this week. The apology marks a 180-degree reversal for NotW, which had maintained for several years that the job was the work of one reporter. » 4/09/11 6:00pm 4/09/11 6:00pm

Looking for a Better Voicemail Transcription Service?

If you really like the idea of Google Voice's voicemail-to-text transcription feature, but think it sucks in practice, you might want to try Yap's Android app/service, promising similar functionality on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon for free. [Yap via Fast Company] » 3/23/11 12:20am 3/23/11 12:20am

AT&T Adds Visual Voicemail For U-Verse Landlines

It comes with a few big "ifs"—if you're a U-Verse subscriber, if you have a landline, if you have an iPhone or BlackBerry—but if you meet those preconditions, AT&T's Voicemail Viewer will give your home visual voicemail superpowers. » 10/01/10 11:44am 10/01/10 11:44am

New Google Voice Android Widgets Bring Faster Inbox Access

Google has introduced a new pair of Google Voice widgets that display your voicemail inbox contents and account settings. Without leaving your home screen, you'll be able to read messages, send free texts, and view your credit balance. » 9/09/10 3:54pm 9/09/10 3:54pm

Audioo: Voicemails From Last Night

What could possibly be better than Texts From Last Night? The same thing, but with voicemails! Weird, random, creepy, hilarious voicemails. I honestly don't think there's a better time-waster on the internet right now. Here's just a taste: » 6/14/10 6:00pm 6/14/10 6:00pm

This Is How Google Voice Will Ruin Your Relationships

Long ago, someone wrote about how Google is out to control your dog and marry your wife. I don't know how right he was about all that, but I certainly know that Google Voice is out to ruin relationships. » 2/24/10 12:00am 2/24/10 12:00am

What Is Google Voice? Let Google Tell You.

Maybe this is just me, but as innovation moves to the cloud, I find that simple concepts can become esoteric—like Google Voice. Here's a handy explanation as to what the heck it actually does. » 2/18/10 6:00pm 2/18/10 6:00pm

This Is Exactly Why I Don't Check My Voicemail Anymore

There are times when I let my voicemail fill up to the point of callers getting the "Sorry. Mailbox is full. Please try again." message. This is why. » 1/29/10 8:00pm 1/29/10 8:00pm

Free Alternatives to AT&T's $10/Month Voicemail-to-Text Service

We heard about AT&T's Voicemail-to-Text service back in December, but now it's being shoved down our throats again with email reminders aplenty. Why don't we care about the $10/month service? Because we can get something better. For free. » 1/14/10 7:00pm 1/14/10 7:00pm

Ribbit is Like Google Voice Voicemail for iPhone, Except It Actually…

Seeing Google Voice repeatedly bash its forehead against the gates of the App Store gave competitor Ribbit an idea: why not just cut the features Apple and/or AT&T are scared of, like calling and texting? And so they did. » 12/22/09 9:50am 12/22/09 9:50am

Remainders - The Good, Bad and Ugly Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

Buckle the eff up for Remainders today, because we've got: A man in a chicken suit playing "What Is Love," two separate Christmas-themed videos (one Muppet, one Guitar Hero), minor Apple updates, and a severed hand crafted of breakfast foods. » 12/12/09 12:20am 12/12/09 12:20am

Google Voice Now Lets You Keep Your Number While Freeing Your Voicemail…

As Lifehacker is reporting, Google Voice has just opened up its fantastic, feature-filled voicemail to any phone number (pending that you have a Google Voice account). You can now finally free your voicemail from your cellphone service provider. » 10/27/09 12:36am 10/27/09 12:36am