UPDATED: iPhone Speech Recognition Demo from VoiceSignal

Click to viewWe've heard of VoiceSignal speech recognition for lots of other phones, but now VoiceSignal sent us a video that allegedly shows it working for the first time on the iPhone. According to the guy in the clip, a couple of VoiceSignal engineers designed this app, but all we see it doing so far is… » 8/22/07 2:45pm 8/22/07 2:45pm

Sprint's New Samsung Phones: What Difference Does $100 Make?

Today Sprint introduced a pair of thin, attractive Samsung phones, the Sprint Vision M300 and its big brother, the Sprint Power Vision M510. One buzzword was "colorful"—the M300 comes in dark silver or the above "misty rose red" while the M510 is available in hot pink with black accents and black with blue accents… » 5/16/07 4:42pm 5/16/07 4:42pm