Ooma Releasing New 'Unlimited' Phone, Still Exists

Last year Ooma, the only VoIP provider starring Ashton Kutcher » 11/13/08 6:45am 11/13/08 6:45am, an unlimited VoIP calling package, available for a one-time fee of $400. It sounded crazy then, and it sounds crazy now — but they're somehow still at at. Now the price is $250, and they've got a new phone and router on the way. Details are slim for the…

MacMice Danger Phone: Featureless Design Plays It Safe

If you're looking for the best, the greatest, the ace, the amazing, strongest, quickest, and the greatest secret agent in the world, this is not it. You need that cartoon superhero, DangerMouse. But if you're feeling like Thoreau and want to simplify, check out the $30 Danger Phone, a VoIP handset from MacMice, the… » 10/13/06 9:28am 10/13/06 9:28am