A VW Beetle Toiletries Case For Hippies Who Prefer Staying Clean

The Volkswagen Beetle isn't quite the same symbol of freedom today that it was back in the '60s, but that doesn't mean its iconic design—and the ideals it symbolized—has been forgotten. So the next time you're restless and feeling the need to just get up and travel, bring this VW Beetle toiletries case along because… » 3/24/15 5:00pm Tuesday 5:00pm

Volkswagen has finally announced its plans for Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto. Both will work with the company's MIB II dash electronics, and will be available in the U.S. later this year. » 1/06/15 7:16am 1/06/15 7:16am

A video tribute to the Volkswagen camper van

The Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi ended production last year in Brasil—the last place in the world where the iconic camper van was still in production—and the carmaker made this neat video-testament as a tribute, its last will and testament. » 12/30/14 8:05pm 12/30/14 8:05pm

An Action Cam on a Spinning Car Wheel Makes for One Mesmerizing Ad

An effective commercial doesn't necessarily have to be a multi-million dollar production. Remember that Nike ad with Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball on his club? It was supposed to be completely different until the director saw his skills on set. VW had similar luck with this ad made with nothing but an action cam… » 12/03/14 12:59pm 12/03/14 12:59pm

This is why car chases are bound to become obsolete

A Terrifying PSA Scares Moviegoers Into Never Texting and Driving Again

Sometimes experience is the best way to learn, but when it comes to driver safety, it's not like you can have a deadly accident more than once. But you can come close, as Volkswagen demonstrated with this highly effective interactive PSA it revealed to unsuspecting moviegoers in Hong Kong. » 6/09/14 4:52pm 6/09/14 4:52pm

This Playground Is Designed To Challenge Kids As They Grow

Visitors to Volkswagen's Autostadt, the museum adjacent to its Wolfsburg factory in Germany, will now find themselves confronted with these grey, blobby forms in the lobby. Is it a sculpture? An ode to Fahrvergnügen? Nope, it's a playground. For kids. » 3/26/14 1:45pm 3/26/14 1:45pm

Volkswagen's New App Creates Music Based On Your Driving Style

Have you ever noticed that how you drive is often based on what you're listening to? Softer music can make you a more cautious driver, while loud upbeat tunes make you more aggressive. But with this new app from VW it's the other way around. It generates music in real-time based on how you already drive, so your… » 11/26/13 9:40am 11/26/13 9:40am

Assassin Tries To Kill Man With This Remote-Controlled Armed VW

A Czech fugitive living in South Africa nearly met his end in bizarrely James Bond-like fashion when he was fired upon by a Volkswagen CrossPolo that packed machine guns behind its rear license plate. Seriously, this is a thing that actually happened. » 7/26/13 1:23pm 7/26/13 1:23pm

Every Night's a Righteous Road Trip in a VW Camper Bunk Bed

It can't do battle with an insane Star Wars-themed bunk bed, but for kids who are a little more grounded in reality, this Volkswagen Camper Bunk Bed is an awesome alternative. Yeah, it doesn't have lasers, but a surfboard ladder is equivalently awesome. » 7/17/13 10:48am 7/17/13 10:48am

Is Anyone Actually Going to Buy an iBeetle?

The much-rumored iCar may have never made it into existence, but VolksWagen's Apple-themed car has finally been made official: the iBeetle offers up some pretty deeply ingrained Apple tech. But who's actually going to buy one? » 4/22/13 7:38am 4/22/13 7:38am

A Retro-Styled Trailer To Complement Your VW Camper Van

There's nothing stopping you from pulling it behind a modern minivan, but with its retro-styled curves and paint job, the Dub Box camper trailer will look far more at home hitched to an iconic VW Microbus. » 3/03/12 4:00pm 3/03/12 4:00pm

I Want This Imperial AT-AT Volkswagen Van

I really wish this Imperial AT-AT Volkswagen Van were real. Because then I would be able to stomp on all those hipster Ewoks who live around me. Especially that guy who smells like Chewbacca and is always sitting at the coffee place without ordering anything. » 2/21/12 5:20pm 2/21/12 5:20pm

If It Snows This Year, I'm Hitting the Hills With VW's New Sled

Every few years Volkswagen focuses its design expertise on sleds instead of cars. And this year they've introduced a couple of new offerings, including this sleek Crazy Bob sled featuring Golf GTI branding. » 2/02/12 2:40pm 2/02/12 2:40pm

Volkswagen Ad Tells You to "Eat the Road;" Thankfully the Page is…

Though it does depend on your standards of what is indeed edible. Made from "glutinous rice flour, water, salt, propylene glycol, FD&C colour and glycerine," the Volkswagen advert appeared in South Africa's AutoTrader magazine. [AdsoftheWorld via AdWeek via LitmanLive] » 5/26/11 2:00pm 5/26/11 2:00pm

The Adorable Kid Behind the VW Darth Vader Commercial Has a Pacemaker

The Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial was one of the Super Bowl's best and a lot of it had to do with the adorable kid dressed up as the Sith Lord. The cute kid behind it, Max Page, is now a healthy 6-year-old but at 4-months old he was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect found in children.… » 2/07/11 9:40pm 2/07/11 9:40pm

Volkswagen's New XL1 Plug-In Hybrid Promises 260 MPG

Volkswagen is showing off their new XL1 prototype at the Qatar Motor Show, and they're proud of the fact it gets 261 miles per gallon with the plug-in electric/gas hybrid engine. But they're also excited it will go into production. » 1/29/11 12:40am 1/29/11 12:40am

This Traffic Camera Is a Little Different: Drive the Speed Limit and You

Now this, this is a traffic camera I can get behind. The Speed Camera Lottery, a winning project for Volkswagen's Fun Theory series, sends tickets to speeders and enters law-abiding drivers in a lottery to win their money. Automatic auto-karma. » 12/06/10 8:20pm 12/06/10 8:20pm

VW's Folding Bik.e: Because Two Spare Tires Are Better Than One

Having a spare tire in your trunk is good, sure, but having two is even better. Especially when they're attached by a folding, pedal-free electric bike made by Volkswagen. A bike with a cool curvy frame. And two kickstands. » 4/29/10 5:20pm 4/29/10 5:20pm