This Beach Volleyball Court Is Surrounded by 2,000 Pounds of Plutonium

The chances of you ever visiting Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are already pretty low. But the likelihood you'd manage to find your way into its specially designed, ultra-safe, and hyper-secure nuclear research facility are slim to none. Which is too bad—because it's the only chance you'd ever have of knowing… »12/04/13 6:00pm12/04/13 6:00pm

The Olympics Uses Special Sand That Doesn't Stick to Beach Volleyball Players—Could They Ever Use Synthetic Sand?

Any beach goer knows that spending time in the sand means spending infinitely more time trying to scrub sand off your body. Sand just sticks everywhere. But why doesn't it stick to Olympic volleyball players? It's because the Olympics always use special, highly regulated sand. »8/09/12 10:00pm8/09/12 10:00pm

Tattoo? Symbiote? What the Hell is That Thing On Olympian Kerri Walsh's Shoulder?

For the longest time I thought the black sinewy thing on Olympic beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh's shoulder was either a confused Alien »8/17/08 11:00am8/17/08 11:00am face sucker, a horny spider, a bad tattoo decision (a la Mike Tyson), or all of the above. Turns out I was way off, and it's actually Kinesio athletic tape from a company in…