90 Percent of Pirates Get Dismissed from Massive Hurt Locker Lawsuit

The biggest P2P lawsuit ever just got cut down to size. Voltage Pictures, the people behind The Hurt Locker has voluntarily dismissed 90% of the 24,583 filesharers it sued this year, in what could be a big victory for either side. » 10/01/11 10:40am 10/01/11 10:40am

Hurt Locker Lawsuit IP Addresses Revealed

The first 5,000 Hurt Locker lawsuits were filed two weeks ago, and now the IP addresses of those charged with illegally downloading the film have started trickling out. The first batch—about 700 IPs—are listed here: » 6/09/10 12:32pm 6/09/10 12:32pm

The Hurt Locker Lawyers' 14,000 Lawsuit Crusade

While Voltage Pictures has gotten most of the publicity surrounding the 5,000 Hurt Locker lawsuits that were handed out last Friday, it's far from the first P2P shake-down for the lawyers backing them. Extremely far, as it turns out. » 6/02/10 4:00pm 6/02/10 4:00pm