Trade Your Heavy Flashlight For this Flexible USB Touchlight

If you're on the hunt for a more hands-free lighting solution when you hit the great outdoors, consider Voltaic's new USB-powered Touchlight as an alternative to your regular flashlight. It swaps a D-cell filled body for a compact waterproof head tethered to a set of swappable USB cables that can be plugged into… » 1/17/13 4:00pm 1/17/13 4:00pm

The Sun Is Basically an Infinite Battery for Your iPad Now

Nothing kills a magical afternoon with your tablet like having to track down an outlet to charge up. Voltaic's new solar-charging tablet case is designed specifically to keep your magical device off the on-grid energy teat. » 6/23/11 8:20pm 6/23/11 8:20pm