The 30th Anniversary Voltron is the Defender Of Childhood Nostalgia

Second only to the Transformers and G.I. Joe as the greatest cartoon/toy lines of the 1980s, Voltron broke new ground in marketing, demanding kids beg for not one but five different toys in order to assemble one giant robot. In hindsight it was pretty sneaky, and now that us children of the 1980s are all grown up, we… »11/26/13 5:20pm11/26/13 5:20pm

Beautiful Voltron Painting Took an Entire Year, Captured in Time-Lapse Video

San Francisco artist Robert Burden spent a year — a year »11/18/08 5:46am11/18/08 5:46am — painting his man-sized Voltron , "Defensor Mundi", and caught the whole process in time-lapse. Sure, the floral theme doesn't inspire much confidence in Voltron's RoBeast-slaying abilities, but the music and painting are a treat. [ via ]