Building This Transforming Voltron Is the Only Reason You Need to Buy a 3D Printer

With Voltron back on Netflix as a new animated series, there is sure to be a flood of new lion-bot toys hitting the market. But if you have access to a 3D printer, and a lot of time and patience, you can download and print Jurica Pranjic’s fully-transforming and assembling Voltron replica for free.

All the Reasons You Need to Check Out Voltron: Legendary Defender

Lions were found and heads were formed when Voltron returned to TV this month with the arrival of Dreamworks’ reboot, Legendary Defender, on Netflix. Even if you were never a fan of the classic cartoon, it’s well worth a binge-watch, but there are still a few bugs in this debut season. Here’s what worked and what…

This Toy Story Voltron Might Be Cooler Than the Original Voltron

With the Netflix-funded resurrection of Voltron, there’s a renewed interest in toys that all merge together to form a giant menacing mech. But menacing isn’t quite the best way to describe this towering robot made up of transforming characters from Disney’s Toy Story. Cute? Colorful? Must-have? Those are all better.