Say Hello to The World's Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

The technology behind the MotoCzysz E1pc isn't just the future for motorcycles, it's the future of electric vehicles. When you have 10x the battery power of a Prius and 2.5x the torque of a Ducati it's easy to see why. » 6/09/10 4:20pm 6/09/10 4:20pm

Using Belkin's Weird Powerstrips

[Cue Fairytale music...]Once upon a time, a geek found that he had way too many gadgets, and too few AC outlets to use them all at once. A simple powerstrip would have been a easy fix, but because he considered himself a serious gearhead, he wanted *special* powerstrip.
» 8/14/07 10:12pm 8/14/07 10:12pm