Apple Is the Biggest Smartphone Company In the World

Having already bested the rest of the mobile industry in profits and revenue, Apple has finally snatched the #1 spot by volume, making it the biggest smartphone producer in the world for the first time. Apple shipped 20.3 million iPhones in the 2nd quarter, while former #1 Nokia dropped 34 percent to 16.7 million in… » 7/21/11 10:50am 7/21/11 10:50am

Loud Enough Earphones: Ultimate Ears For Your Kids

It's been a while since we brought you some news from Ultimate Ears (the cat eating through the cable to my UE Super.Fi's doesn't count, sadly). But now UE has released its newest offering, and it's for the kids: the Loud Enough earphones. "They've gone barking mad!" you might say, citing expense and the potential… » 7/01/08 7:38am 7/01/08 7:38am

iPod Patent Turns the Volume Down, Annoys You No End

A recently uncovered Apple patent details the possibility for automatic volume control in iPods, which we assume Apple hopes will safeguard them from legal action, whilst protecting the hearing of frequent users. The safety measure will determine how long the music player has been in use, and at what volume; if it… » 12/23/07 11:30am 12/23/07 11:30am